Erissa Darlee

Torian Cleric, Human female


An older human female from the Torian Kingdom. She came to settle in Arboria about 29 years ago and has become the Keeper of the Amersfort temple. An older woman with a kind heart and soft voice. She moves with unhurried grace and has a tender touch for those in need. Her left hand is missing two fingers which makes anything other then minor (0-level) spellcasting difficult for her, but she is a skilled herbalist and leech.


Erissa Darlee is a devout Cleric and runs the temple in Arboria. She allows all priests to hold use the temple and hold worship services. She is known for her compassion and charity. She is often seen taking donations to those in need or helping the sick. She runs the many charities and food drives for the poor and distributes donations as needed. She is often called to mediate disputes for the Sheriff or act as an interpreter for those who require it. She seems well versed in the many languages of the lands.

Erissa is outgoing and cordial during the day but is a stickler for her schedule that has her home before nightfall and she never has visitors to the small cottage behind the temple. She has been known to come out at night for emergencies but she has been short tempered and almost afraid during those times and retreats to the comfort of her cottage as soon as she is able.

Erissa Darlee

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