Ferrin Gildenleaf

Sheriff of Amersfort


Ferrin is a tall, lanky Half-Elven gentlemen. His appearance is always impeccable and his manners near perfect. He speaks in long flowing sentences and always has a smile for his fellow Arborians and guests.

The sheriff always seems to be calm and collected even during the most trying of circumstances. His voice is mainly calm and soothing but can be commanding and stern when the situation calls for it.

He is seldom armed with anything more than a walking stick and has never been seen to draw a weapon for anything other than ceremonial duties. He takes his duties as a Sheriff quite serious, but tries to be fair and understanding when applying the law of the land. The Walkers are all loyal to him and support him in any manner he asks.


Not much is known about Ferrin before he came to Amersfort 50 or so years ago, but he has been a fixture in the community ever since he arrived with the Queens seal. He is a fair Sheriff and applies the law in a manner that benefits the most people or does the least harm. Although he does not avoid conflict he tries to let everyone work their differences out and he accepts their settlements. When pushed though he can be very devious with his punishments or his judgement.

The Sheriff is rarely seen alone and enjoys the company of as many people as possible at all times. He is often seen visiting his citizens or enjoying the nightlife of the local tavern, The Ruined Runes. He can even be coerced into performing on occasion with traveling bards or solo doing oratory history of Arboria.

It is rumored that the local herbalist/healer, Arreal Morningstar, has caught the Sheriff’s eye, but as of yet nothing has been made public.

Ferrin Gildenleaf

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