Roland Stoutheart

Arborian Hero, Male Human



Despite being over 70 years old, Roland is still in great physical shape and can still best many a taker at arm Wrestling or knife throwing. His tall frame shows only minor signs of his age but occasionally he becomes winded or needs to brace himself to walk down the steps to the tavern. He still wears his weather beaten leather armor despite his wealth and standing in the village. He no longer chases the women, but he still loves the mead and telling his many stories and adventures.


Roland Stoutheart has stories. Most of them are true. He is a local legend and hero whose exploits got him knighted by Queen Doreen. He retired back in Amersfort where he was born and has a lavish estate on the eastern banks of the river. Many of the locals earn their living in his employ and he is generous with his coin. In his retirement he has become quite the story teller and often packs the tavern with his tales and original stories.

Roland Stoutheart

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