Rosalyn Duquette

Vampyre Ninja Rogue in search for family's lost ancient vampric artifacts.


My name is Rosalyn Duquette, a Vampyr Rogue who hails from the Rift Isle.

Growing up, my parents instructed me on the secret family tradition of a covert martial art skill in the cover of night. I hail from a high noble family who until recently, were well respected and highly regarded, this made other noble families jealous.

It all changed when I unknowingly invited a swindling gypsy into our home. He arrived on our doorstep, and told me he was a historian who wanted to discuss the history our family’s famed ancient artifacts with my father, Roland. I let him in, not knowing that he was actually casing the place to steal our possessions and sell them to the highest bidder.

I felt so guilty that these valuable vampiric artifacts had been robbed from my family’s custody. While the burglar merely saw dollar signs, I knew how powerful these artifacts were. They could do a lot of damage if anyone discovered what they were and they ended up in the wrong hands. I blamed myself for being taken advantage of and took on the task of recovering the Duquette’s artifacts upon myself.

I set my sights on traveling to Amersfort to network with the various traders who worked the trading post while waiting around for the trading season to occur in hopes of recovering each piece of my family’s legacy.

Rosalyn Duquette

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