Sigmund Oranfang

Human Arborian Tracker


Late Aged Human Tracker from Arboria with extensive knowledge of the terrain and wildlife of the southwestern region.

Member of the Arborian “Walkers” – Militia scouts and forest wardens.

No known relatives.


Signmund was born and raised in Amersfort and joined the Walkers as early as he was allowed. He has walked the woods and trails of the southern region for 5 decades. He was married and had two sons. His wife died of an unknown disease carried to the village by barbarian traders and Sigmund has a noticeable grudge against outsiders especially from the desert region. His sons enlisted during the Second Demon war and never came home and no word was ever given as to their fate.

Sigmund is a very private individual and takes awhile to open up to people, but once he does he is loyal and outgoing. He will always help those in need and never gives up hope. It is said that he is allowed into the mists of Arboria without a protective charm and the Fey will not harm him, but the reason why is unknown. He is also known to have a supply of reagents and herbs from the deepest parts of the forest and from even within the mists.

Sigmund Oranfang

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