Agaeal Atlanta

Session 1.0

Character Creation

The party journeyed to The Wisps, a forest just north of Amersfort in search of the items Adelay’s Uncle had left for her. Soon after they entered the forest they were surrounded by Sprites who were in mirthful spirits and demanded to be entertained. Drenna and Rosalyn cooperated to a masterful performance, in fact Drenna was so breathtaking that the Sprites decided to keep her. Luckily the Sprites were convinced that a cow would be better company and the party was allowed to move on to the caves. At the caves the party found that Gremlins had overrun the area and were gearing up for something big. The party rushed the caves and found Redcaps guarding the cache and it took all their combined efforts to defeat the dark fey.


dshai527 dshai527

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