The campaign world is Agaeal. The Campaign will start in the Kingdom of Arboria in the Amersfort outpost on the southwestern reaches. Your character should have a background for how they got to that point with at least 1 year in the outpost. Characters will start at level 2.

The outpost is on the border of the kingdom near the mists which protect the kingdom from the wild lands to the west. The village is an old fortified outpost that was from the first expansion. Now it is a trapping and trading village with a few small farms. The city is run by the local Sheriff, a half elf named Ferrin Gildenleaf. He has a handful of militia, “Walkers”, with which he keeps the peace in the region.

Sigmund Oranfang is the Walker most known in this region. He scouts the walls daily and escorts merchant caravans through the mists when necessary. He should have retired long ago, but with no offspring or spouse he keeps to his daily routine and nobody knows the area better than him.

Agaeal Atlanta

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