Agaeal Atlanta

Session 2.0

Whistling Rocks

Sitting in the tavern discussing the events of their previous mission the party is approached by Sigmund. The aged Walker asks Gren to take on a recon mission for the town to investigate strange sink holes in Southwold near the Whistling Rocks Canyons. Gren and the party agree to look into the matter and depart to discuss recent travels with Zamza the Half-Orc Teamster who had recently traveled from Southwold.

Zamza was her usual surly self and gave very little information other than that sinkholes appeared on the road under one of her wagons and although she would never admit it, she thinks it was a trap dug by something under the earth. She was hesitant to cause panic in her teams and have to pay extra for security details on caravans. With this knowledge the team, Gren, Adelay, Kriystof, and Drenna, set out on the road to Southwold.

After a day’s travel the party found shelter at a small farm for the night and in payment set about entertaining the family with music and dancing, some of which was noteworthy. The following morning Gren assisted with the daily farm chores while the party, mostly Adelay, prepared for the day’s journey.

Once on the road again the party was met by a ragtag group pf farmers on their way to Amersfort to sell their wares. The single wagon was laden down with crops and vegetables to the point of overload on the small wagon and several of the members looked panicked. When asked about the situation the farmers replied that a sinkhole had swallowed one of their wagons early that morning and a farmer by the name Abraham was attempting to fix it and would catch up to the group in Amersfort.

As the sun set the party decided to bed down for the night in the fields along the road. Farther south a small campfire could be seen in the distance and to the west a murder of crows was circling something in the hills. Adelay mounted her trusted steed while the others set camp and investigated the ominous carrion feeders and found a Bull that had been recently killed, ripped in two, lying amongst the tall grass. Gren and Drenna were summoned to investigate the strange sight. Gren quickly took in the scene and determined that the beast had been dropped from the air somehow after it had gored whatever was carrying it with its horns. He found a small patch of strange reddish-brown fur and large paw prints such as those from a predatory cat.


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